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As behavior experts we help teams
to see through
Human Eyes
in order to humanize their digital channels.


Design optimal experiences, based on science

In many companies, people are trying to drive conversions, get less calls or receive higher customer satisfaction rate.


They know building human centric experiences is crucial, but lack the knowledge and tools.


The result: frustration and inconsistency in flows & communications, because decisions are based on gut feeling.  

In order to work out digital experiences that really work, HumanEyes uses science:


  • qualitative research

  • behavior psychology

We combine techniques from behavior design, design thinking, agile working, UX, copywriting,... in a step by step process.


This way we solve real human problems and achieve the company goals.

This is how we help people see through HumanEyes

We become part of your team

We co-create in design sprints and train teams, all customized to your specific needs.

And because we will closely work together, let's make it fun!


Elien - Client Director

Kaat - Behavior design director

Renze - Behavior designer & researcher

We get the trust of companies like yours


Name your challenge 

We will figure it out together

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