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You will be a specialist in human behavior

Become confident. Design flows and communications that really lead to behavior.

No secrets! We learn you what we know from more then 10 years of field experience

Putting theory into practice right away! Exercising on your own projects and cases.

Working better together as a team, thanks to common knowledge about human behavior and how to design it.

This way you and your team will no longer make decisions based on gut feeling, but science. Giving you more confidence in your choices and providing arguments for discissions.

What trainings can bring you value?

Our most complete training:
Human Centric Design Academy

You'll get the complete package, with certification!

During this intensive training you will learn more than 40 principles, based on the science of behavioral psychology.

And we'll practice immediately on your own website, e-mail campaigns, apps, communications and more...

As an extra add-on, there is the possibility to not only learn about the theory, but also about the process and how to implement in the organization.

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Interactive sessions

planned according to your availability


Everything personalized,

for maximum relevance for the participants


For teams up to 15 people, so personal feedback can be given

Our deepdives:
Everything about 1 topic in 1 or 2 days

These trainings are ideal if you want to master 1 specific skill or work on a specific challenge. (PROBLEEM)

1 or 2



planned according to your availability

Everything personalized,

for maximum relevance for the participants

For teams up to 15 people, so personal feedback can be given

Choose from this list or ask us for a tailor made workshop:


Writing copy that converts

Bring bad news without escalation

Guide the brain through you sales funnel

Hire highly qualified people for your company

day workshop

Design a content-flow for maximum conversion

Succesful UX-copywriting

UX-Research: How to detect the REAL problems

"Who believes quantitative research is most important? Why? Stop. Please answer the question on a scale from 1 to 10."

3 ways we make sure the knowledge will stick

1. You will learn the science, but also how to apply it

Everything we teach is based on scientific research from the world's top scientists in behavior science, psychology and design. 

We have gathered and translated the insights and psychological techniques and translated them into actionable take-aways for you! 

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Picture 5.png
Picture 1.png
Picture 3.png
Picture 2.jpg
Picture 4.png

2. You will practice, so this will become knowledge you'll really use


3. Thanks to our trainer with +10 years of experience!

With more than 10 years of expertise in behavior design, a contagious amount of enthusiasm and a lot of experience, Kaat is an excellent teacher to learn your team about behavior design.

She'll walk you through practical examples or provide solutions for your project. You can ask her anything about your project and get a practical answer right away. No fluff.

Thanks to years of experience and working for brands like, Liantis and Club Brugge she'll get you practical specific solutions straight from the field.


This is what others say about the trainings

De skillset van de mensen rond de copywriters is gegroeid. We hebben zelf al enkele technieken toegepast in onze presentatie de dag na de workshop. Zeer praktisch en onmiddellijk inzetbaar!

Bank Van Breda
“Now we know why we make certain decisions. We are not arguing anymore because we have the behavior psychology to fall back on. The whole team is much more aligned.“

Lotte Semal, brand guardian @AVA

De workshop rond het schrijven van vacature theorie was super interessant, maar moeilijk in de praktijk. Gelukkig gaf Kaat enkele voorbeelden die ons hielpen om te oefenen. Dat hielp echt!

Stéphanie - Servauto
As our expertise is used everywhere, we trained so many differt people in different companies

We have workshops for everyone!

Yes, for you as well!

  • Communication experts

  • Digital marketeers

  • Customer journey managers

  • Copywriters

  • E-commerce managers

  • Direct marketeers

  • Call center employess

  • UX'ers

  • CRM managers

  • And you and your team!

And you can even mix up everyone together. 

Personal feedback guaranteed

  • The trainings are given in English or Dutch. Practice and feedback is given in French as well.

  • The trainings are given for max 15 people, so we can guarantee personal feedback. ​

Always organized so it fits the team

Organized for you and your team
  • ​Full day workshop, half days or coaching hours?

  • In-house or external training or webinars?

We discuss the formula together. So the trainigs fit in your planning in the most efficient way.

How to get started?

1. Let's find a solution for your need

Contact Elien to discuss your challenge. 

You want to learn all about this expertise? Or do you have a specific challenge?

We'll find the right training for you.

2. Get a personalized offer

The investment will depend on the tailor made solution. 

You will get a detailed description about what you will get, so you are able to decide or present to the internal decision makers.

3. You will get a tailor made training

Every training is given by our training expert and is tailor made. 

To guarantee success we can even provide coaching hours afterwards, so the theory can be practiced and the first steps to become an expert are made.


Name your challenge 
We will figure it out together

+32 476 75 22 67

Thanks for your message. We will take contact within 2 working days.

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