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Want a bigger chance for success?

Design human-centric experiences, based on science

Stop relying on gut feeling

Unlock the secret behind the success of compagnies like Google, Uber, Spotify and many others

Are you working on user experiences then you want to achieve goals like:

  • Improve conversions

  • Avoid calls to customer service center

  • Build a good customer relationship

It's not easy, we know!

  • Results are hard to achieve and cause stress

  • People in the team are unsure about the decisions to make

  • A lot of internal discussions are based on gut feeling


Luckily there is science, for a maximum chance for success

If you take a closer look at your goals, they include a particular behavior you want people to do.

That is interesting, because thanks to decades of research, we know how human behavior is formed: 

Picture 5.jpg
Picture 5.png
Picture 1.png
Picture 3.png
Picture 2.jpg
Picture 4.png
dont make me think.jpg

A designer who doesn’t understand human psychology is going to be no more successful than an architect who doesn’t understand physics

Joe Leech
UX Consultant & Author of book Psychology of Designers

What if you could unlock the power of science
to design more effective experiences?

Other clients achieved results like:​

  • More online sales

  • Better lead management and follow-up

  • More customers using digital self service

  • Fewer calls after delivering bad news

  • Attracting top talents through a job offer

  • Saving co-workers time 

  • ...

Thanks to more effective design and copywriting on: 

  • websites

  • sales funnels

  • apps

  • communications (e-mails, notifications, banners, landingpages,...)

  • internal tools

  • ...

"Anyone who intends to make advances in Customer Experience and is looking for intuitive tools should consider this path"

benedict decoster liantis.jpg

Benedict Decoster– Customer Engagement Manager @ Liantis

What can we help you with?


Become an expert yourself

  • Follow a training tailored to your needs

  • personalized with your company cases incorporated

  • Including lots of examples and practical exercises

Get expert help with your challenge

  • We co-create a solution based on science

  • Meanwhile you will learn the process and behavior techniques


Guided by insights in human psychology,
your job will become easier and more fun

No endless discussions any more, teams and managers are aligned

A bigger chance for success, as you design for real human behavior

Immediately applicable in your team, as the process is aligned with agile, design thinking, service design

Spending your budget on what really matters as you are able to select what is resonating with your target audience

No endless A/B testing on things that don’t matter

Innovation that leads to concrete results, you don’t just follow a hype, but start with strategical insights that in the end lead to concrete (re)designs of websites, emails, internal tools,...

We help our clients to apply this to their challenges

Some of our cases:

Now we know why we make certain decisions. We are not arguing anymore because we have the behavior psychology to fall back on. The whole team is much more aligned.

Lotte Semal, brand guardian


Lotte Semal AVA.jpg
I absolutely see the value in behavior design. We're transitioning from an organization where features were dominant, with less emphasis on the end user. 
I want to shift that focus.
I was looking for a uniform terminology and toolkit to communicate with others. Now, everyone is on the same page

Benedict Decoster, Customer Engagement Manager


benedict decoster liantis.jpg
Taking away our gut feeling, giving certainty, because it is based on science and researched with our target audience.

Gauthier Vervaeke, E-commerce manager

@Club Brugge

Gauthier Vervaeke _ Club Brugge.jpg

Why work with us?

More than 10 years of experience in using behavior psychology

We are no consultants. We highlight problems and immediately solve them. We support you all the way

You get short term results and long term impact, because we share our knowledge. No secrets!

We love how supported they make us feel:

MM news believes in us

When we launched HumanEyes, MM News asked for the scoop ;) We love to feel they support us. 

Logo MM news.png
Yes, we almost won Innovative agency of the year

That same year we were finalist for the Innovative Agency of the Year, next to agencies as Ogilvy.

AOTY 2023 logo.jpg
The webshop of Club Brugge was internationally honored

The new Club Brugge webshop earned the distinction of The Webby Awards Honoree in the Websites and Mobile Sites - Sports category, amongst the likes of ESPNFC Barcelona and FC Internazionale Milano.


Are you the one who wants to make an impact?
Let's discuss your challenge

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