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“Oh, now I'm worried”

Someone suddenly blurted out during the copywriting training.

Did Kaat say something wrong?

She continued: "Why don't the professional copywriters and agencies we work with apply these principles?" Ah, a frequently asked question.

In our copywriting trainings, we discuss two things:

  1. The process of writing effective texts:

  2. How should you structure your texts to truly prompt action?

This way, your text guides the reader toward a desired behavior and is therefore focused on effectiveness.


Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with this process and these techniques. Or they are often not systematically applied. This leads to texts having too little (or a negative) impact, such as:

  • A campaign that does not achieve the desired result

  • A website that generates too few sales

  • An email that elicits negative reactions

That's why it's important to train your internal teams so that they can:

  1. Brief a copywriter effectively

  2. Write a basic text themselves

  3. Evaluate whether a text will have an impact

How did the rest of the training go?

"Yes, so much fun and super practical," was the evaluation afterward from the same participant.

Luckily! Mission accomplished 😉

Recognizable or not? 👇

Curious about our trainings?

You can find them here:

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