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Too good to be true?

We promise a lot, can this really be true?

Good question! (we love critical voices!)

It is true, but this is not easy to achieve.

That is why there is an investment on our and your side

Our investment

1. We educate everyone who starts working at HumanEyes

The discipline of behavior psychology is thought in studies like Communication management.

But not - yet - to the extend to be able to use it in such a detail as necessary to become a behavior designer and researcher at HumanEyes.

The reality is that we hire on empathy, background, interest in human psychology, but we need to educate on the job.


Think of learning: 

  • Basic UX knowledge and skills

  • A library of more then 200 behavior design techniques

  • Practicing the skills of using all these techniques in concrete projects

  • Thorough exercising on copywriting

  • ...

Only that way we can deliver quality.

2. We can't do half work

As every project or training is different, we dive into your need really deeply.


This means we take our job serious and prepare really well, untill we are satisfied (and we are our worst critics). Behind everything we deliver, there are endless iterations and validations internally.

3. Our work requires human time

Think about kwalitative research. It is done by a human, yes, even in ChatGPT times.


Why? We have seen the power of being immersed in the real user experiences, doubts, anxieties,... Only then, you really feel the pain of the user and know what to focus on to solve the problems. The value of doing research is not the summary, but the fact that the real user is coming to live and you can keep their experience in mind the whole way through.

And yes, doing this takes some time. That is also the reason a lot of companies invest mainly in kwantitative research. Analyzing numbers and percentages is done more quickly and can be automated in dashboards. Reading through comments people left or conducting and analyzing indepth-interviews just takes time. 

Of course we automize where we can. Thank god there are tools that help us with jobs like transcribing interviews ;)

4. We make offers and stick to our budgets

We always make an honest offer.


This is the main reason we don't negociate with procurement. No, we didn't add extra time, to be able to reduce afterwards. And no, we never give 'commercial discounts'. Our price is calculated, and stands for real value.


Once agreed on the offer, we will follow this budget. We miscalculated? Our problem, the end result will be as promised.  

5. We don't calculate all our hours

As we always become a trusted partner of our clients, we also spend time we don't calculate.


Think about:

- someone needs advice on how to handle difficult questions from stakeholders? 

- sharing a relevant insight, book or article

Your investment

Because of all the above you can't just compare us with a UX designer or a copywriter you hire on a freelance basis. 

Every project and training has a budget we calculate specially for your needs. But these indications give you an idea of the investment:

1 day training

  • completely tailor-made for 15 people

  • incl preparation and follow-up

  • 380 euro/pers

A project

A budget for a full project always depends on the scope.


It typically consists of:

  • Immersion phase: 4.500 - 2.500 

  • Discovery & strategy phase (including kwalitative research): 40.000 - 5.000 (very much dependent on the scope)​

  • Design & copywriting sprint: 11.750 (possibly multiple sprints needed)

  • Validation phase: 6.000 - 3.000 

What do you get? Find a detailed description about our trainings


Download this beautiful doc here. The reason? 

A quick solution. Our expert reviews can be delivered within 2 weeks.

Clear argumentation on why you should make certain changes.

Renewed confidence in your webpage, thanks to science.

E-mail the doc

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