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Why 'Lorem Ipsum' costs you a lot of money

Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet 🤔…

What value can you get from this sentence?

Exactly... none.

It was a chock to us to discover that some webagencies still thing otherwise...

One day there was a company that asked us to have a look at the designs for their brand new website. They had just spent a ton of money on it.

The deliverables were beautiful designs... filled with lorem ipsum 😶‍🌫️

The company was supposed to provide feedback on this, and the new website would be built.

So, a quick question to consider: Why do people come to your website?

  1. To see beautiful pictures and building blocks?

  2. Or to solve a problem they have?

Bon, you see my point.

How can you assess whether your website/ communication or application will actually be effective and genuinely help people if you don't know what story you will tell?

Imagine this company didn't have the reflection of looking at the copy, this webproject was at risk.

A developer would have created templates based on the beautiful designs and then marketing/sales/product managers hadto be creative to fill them in to best of their ability:

  • A one-line title

  • Body copy of a maximum of 200 characters

  • 3 bullet points with an icon from the predefined library

  • ...

I call it template-driven work, which unfortunately is miles away from human-centric work.

The risk is that in the end there would not have been a compelling story and the website simply would not convert.

What a loss of time and money!

Yes, you'll probably need templates later on, but make sure your briefing for them is based on telling a clear and compelling story, building a logical and converting flow.

No more focus on visual design?

Of course, it's important that your website also has an aesthetic appeal and presents your brand. But the visual aspect should support and enhance the overall message.

So when you have a website redesign or another project to work on, make sure 'Lorem Ipsum' is strictly forbidden. Write the story and let the structure be guided by that story.

Oh, about the company: we redesigned everything including copy so they could go on with a clear briefing to the developers.


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