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These are our 3 favorite tools as behavior designers!

To be able to do our jobs, we rely on a couple of tools. But we can admit that there is one tool that completely stole our hearts. And we're sure it might also be or become your favorite tool as well! 😏 In 3rd place: Sonix!Qualitative research is super important for our job. It's where we get the most interesting insights and where we learn more about the behavior of our client's customers. It's an unskippable step in our process that is often undervalued by organizations today.

Sonix is an AI tool that transcribes the video's of our qualitative interviews for us. Sonix makes it super easy to find quotes and to highlight important insights in the interviews. But most importantly, it saves us a ton of work (those who have transcribed without AI know what we're talking about. 😉) In 2nd place: Figma We work closely together with developers to bring our clients' projects to life. Therefore Figma is absolutely unmissable to deliver our copywrited wireframes full of psychological techniques.

In Figma we design our final user experiences that we share with our clients and their partners. It allows us to iterate designs in real-time, share it with clients and even test it with potential users by displaying it as a prototype.But the one tool we are most in love with...

In 1st place: Miro 💛And when we say in love, we are serious. Not a day goes by without using Miro.

We use it to kick-off our projects with our clients, to process our research and make an overview of our insights. We use it to present our research insights and our final solitions to our clients. On top of all this, it's also super handy to do hands-on practice during workshops. Because we can set up our exercises beforehand and follow along to give feedback while our workshoppers are doing their thing. In short: We use it for everything.

Why? Because Miro is a huge online whiteboard, where it's so easy to work with big amounts of information. You can easily bring an overview in all your information, work real-time alongside each other, give feedback easily and combine every text or image you want.

In the past we've worked with Word, Powerpoints etc. But nothing gives us the freedom, overview and flexibility like Miro. You hear it, we're quite starstruck. 🤩

We can tell you even more about how and why we use Miro. So if you want to know more, hit us up!

Do you have a tool that we should use?

Let us know!

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