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This is how we nearly achieved 3X the goal for a new Mediahuis campaign!

"Discover 5 techniques that led to this success

And how we're a bit like your local butcher"

Mediahuis jongerencampagne.jpg

Young people are an important target audience for De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, Gazet van Antwerpen, Het Belang van Limburg, and De Gentenaar. They want to stay up-to-date with the news but prefer to read all news brands together for the lowest possible price.


That's why the youth subscription was developed.


To market it, a great campaign had already been thought out, but how could we ensure that those interested wouldn't drop out during the subscription process?

In other words, how could we really motivate these youngsters to take action?

An ideal challenge for us, behavioral designers!"

Katia Debusschere

"In everything you do, you focus hard on the desired behavior of the target audience, and you are really good at it! That's why our focus is now truly on conversion!"

Katia Debusschere - Manager Acquisition and Conversion @ Mediahuis

Maximizing conversion for your campaign.
How do you do that?


Launching a new campaign at a large company like Mediahuis always comes with its challenges:

Many people are involved, and everyone has an opinion. Making quick decisions is often a challenge.

The campaign sometimes consumes a lot of time and money. Therefore, it's crucial that it yields results. The pressure on the campaign team is tangible.

There's a brilliant, creative campaign idea, but it's still unclear how the online subscription flow should look exactly. How do you ensure it's truly convincing?

There are already many communications running, and there are standard offers in place. How do you prevent confusion or overload?

Oh yes, and everything always needs to happen quickly 😳.

The great thing is that the team at Mediahuis is already very experienced and knows how to take action. But to look at this important campaign with fresh eyes, two things were missing:

Concrete techniques from behavioral psychology that lead to more conversions.

Time and mental space to reflect on this calmly.

Katia Debusschere

"The people in my team are very much immersed in the daily operations. HumanEyes ensures that we, as a team, are challenged so that we can optimize the copy entirely according to our target audiences."

Katia Debusschere - Manager Acquisition and Conversion @ Mediahuis

So we decided to collaborate in co-creation and have weekly meetings.

Every week, we decided together what we would tackle: This allowed us to flexibly allocate hours to tasks such as:

  • Developing a few screens

  • Writing texts

  • Providing feedback on a design created by internal UI designers

  • Answering strategic questions

  • Assisting with presentations to stakeholders

Katia Debusschere

"You know what makes me so enthusiastic? For me, it's the combination of your expertise in behavioral psychology, your stakeholder management, and the fact that you can deliver results super quickly."

Katia Debusschere - Manager Acquisition and Conversion @ Mediahuis

Katia Debusschere

"Because we worked in co-creation, there was also a super-fast decision-making process. That's a huge advantage for me. After the weekly meeting, you always came up with a revised proposal, backed up with science, and off we went again. Really super efficient."

Katia Debusschere - Manager Acquisition and Conversion @ Mediahuis

The secret of the landing page revealed in 5 techniques

The result of this collaboration was a digital conversion flow where every block of text had been carefully considered. With everything, you know why it's there and what the potential effect is, explained from a psychological point of view.

The advantage: you don't have to guess anymore and hope that your campaign won't miss its target.

One condition remains: understanding your target audience. In this case, very good qualitative research had already been conducted. This immediately provided us with the insights needed to understand:

What motivates the target audience (boosters)

What holds them back (barriers)

What questions this group has before making a decision (Information needs)

Now you're probably curious what it looked like and what choices we made.

Here are 5 techniques we applied to the landing page:

Mediahuis youth campaign applied techniques.jpg

This is why these 5 techniques work:

1. Elevator pitch

Within 5 seconds, someone decides whether they want to give your landing page a chance or not. You must immediately show that you have something valuable.

You don't do this by using difficult language, but by

using the language of your target audience 'endlessly scrolling and reading'

playing into what motivates them '1 euro'

immediately addressing important barriers 'you can cancel every month'

2. Soft CTA

A Call to Action should gently lead people to take the next step.

In this case, 'Buy' would feel like a big commitment. That's why we changed it to 'I want this'. This way, it feels like a smaller step and at the same time, it's about yourself and your desire to have this offer.

3. The power of lists

Subscribing to a subscription doesn't always seem that easy.

That's why we use the power of a step-by-step plan:

You show that it's not that difficult, only 4 steps

You show that you're transparent: "This is reliable because I see exactly what will happen"

You eliminate uncertainties. People hesitate and drop out if they don't have answers to important questions. So that's why we already explained how the login will work later.

4. Make it easy to understand

1 of the 3 elements that determine whether you'll do something is how easy it is.

We usually think of physically easy, so as few steps as possible. But it's also about making it mentally easy. Is it understandable?

To clarify exactly how the maximum age at which your customer can sign up and the 3 years of validity work, we used an example. That makes it very concrete right away.

5. Remove uncertainty

Uncertainty is a real conversion killer.
If someone doubts, they stop.

With subscriptions, there's often a fear that they'll run indefinitely and you'll suddenly have high costs without realizing it.

That's why we pay extra attention to it on the landing page. We also do it in exactly the words someone would use themselves: 'Will I then be stuck with a subscription forever? No!'


This way, we achieved 3x more subscriptions than the target!

Katia Debusschere

"What you really helped us with is finding the appropriate copywriting direction towards Gen-Z. Their choice of words, their way of speaking."

Katia Debusschere - Manager Acquisition and Conversion @ Mediahuis

Katia Debusschere

"Do you know what I find a great added value? That you apply psychological principles that take into account our business needs but can also be perfectly applied to our target audiences."

Katia Debusschere - Manager Acquisition and Conversion @ Mediahuis

So now we're the local butcher of Mediahuis ;)

Co-creating was so enjoyable that we're already working together on a new campaign!

Because ultimately, we're a bit like your local butcher:

Katia Debusschere

"I really think you distinguish yourselves with your personal approach.

I would compare it like this: If you need chicken mince, you can go to the supermarket. I just grab it off the shelf, throw it in my basket, and I have my chicken mince. But I could also go to the local butcher. That butcher will even tell me, 'You know you have to cook that well, madam.' And maybe they'll even put a little sticker on it.

For me, you guys are the local butcher."

Katia Debusschere - Manager Acquisition and Conversion @ Mediahuis

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