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Want to minimize risks?

Create and optimize websites, apps & communications based on
behavior psychology

Brain - Behavior psychology

In all business domains you want to be sure you create the best customer experience.

After all, there is a lot at stake:

Marketing/ Customer Experience

You design a new website or app


Features are not used

People don't convert

  • Time and money is lost

  • KPI's not met


You optimize with A/B tests


Tests fail too often, and you are not sure why

  • Sales/ conversions are lost


You need to send out bad news communications


People get angry and even complain on social media

  • Reputation damage for your company

  • overload of your customer service center


You need to fill in a job openening


No (interesting) candidates

  • The job opening doesn't get filled in

  • Your team feels the pressure

How to know what to do to reduce the risks and get maximum results? 

Use science!

Priceless - William Poundstone.jpg
Magic Words - Jonah Berger.jpg
Hooked - Nir Eyal.jpg
Tiny Habits
Influence - Robert Cialdini
Thinking fast and slow - Kahneman
Emotional design - Don Norman
Online invloed - Joris Groen en Bas Wouters
The Catalyst - Jonah Berger
dont make me think - Steve Krug
Start with why - Simon Sinek
Nudge - Richard Thaler
Hire with your head - Lou Adler.jpg
The_Design_of_Everyday_Things-Don Norman.png

Insights in how people behave and how to design for it, will give you more certainty about important decisions to make. 

And will give a wellthought reasining behind every journey, communication and design you make.

You can use the power of science
to design more effective experience


Become an expert yourself

  • Follow a training tailored to your needs

  • Personalized with your company cases 

  • Including lots of examples and practical exercises

Get expert help with your challenge

  • We co-create a solution based on science

  • Meanwhile you will learn the process and behavior techniques


We help our clients to apply this

Some of our cases:

Lotte Semal AVA.jpg

"Now we know why we make certain decisions. We are not arguing anymore because we have the behavior psychology to fall back on. The whole team is much more aligned."

Lotte Semal, brand guardian @AVA

benedict decoster liantis.jpg

"I absolutely see the value in behavior design. We're transitioning from an organization where features were dominant, with less emphasis on the end user. I want to shift that focus.

I was looking for a uniform terminology and toolkit to communicate with others. Now, everyone is on the same page."

Benedict Decoster– Customer Engagement Manager @ Liantis

Gauthier Vervaeke _ Club Brugge.jpg

"Taking away our gut feeling, giving certainty, because it is based on science and researched with our target audience."

Gauthier Vervaeke, E-commerce manager @Club Brugge


Are you the one who wants to make an impact?
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