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Get results on your projects

We build customer journeys together, based on research and science. So you are more confident about your decisions.

Do you have one of these problems?


​Do you try to improve the user experience on a website, an app, an internal tool or communications like e-mail? Then you might recognize this:

  • You have a project ahead which is going to take a lot of time and resources. So, you want to do it right from the beginning.

  • As you'll have to report back to your management and explain your spendings, you also want certainty about the decisions you're making.

  • Everyone has another idea about the solution, but these ideas come from gut-feeling or best-practices and lack foundation.

So you're looking for a partner that can give you CERTAINTY about your decisions, BASED ON SCIENCE, so you can make THE RIGHT DECISION.

We understand you!

That's where we come in to help fund all your decisions, thanks to behavior science.

It has proven it's succes with clients like:

Sarah Van de Velde - Deceuninck.jpg

"Soon I will have to ask management for a substantial budget for a brand new website. With the pretty pictures we got from our previous design-partner, we missed substantiation, human centric design and focus on conversion.


It would be very difficult to defend that budget. I need to be able to demonstrate why this site will be better than before. My management has to be able to say, yes that's right and that's worth its money. HumanEyes did that for us!”

Sarah Van De Velde – Marketing Specialist Europe - Deceuninck

Incorporate two superpowers into your project
to KNOW how to create a truly human-centric design

Let us explain in 30 seconds:

1. Know what to do - research

What is the most effective way to sell your idea, product or service?

  • By starting to talk and present your idea?

  • Or genuinely listening to the struggles of your audience and then

         solve the problems with your solution?

In order to know what to do, dive into the problems and needs of your target audience. 






You will discover pure gold because the insights you get will guide all your future decisions.

You will know the answers to questions like:

  • Is building that feature a good budget choice?

  • What to write in our communication so it resonates with the audience?

  • How to build the flow so it is most motivating for visitors to proceed?

  • ...

HumanEyes - Qualitative research
boosters barriers information needs - HumanEyes

2. Know how to do it - behavior psychology

OK, now we know what our audience needs.

But how to present our solution?

As we design journeys and communications based on behavior psychology, we have a library of techniques to solve problems like:

  • choice stress

  • people getting angry because of a bad news communication

  • people don’t trust you or your solution

  • ...

Behavior Psychology - HumanEyes

Always resulting in informed designs, so

  • you know why decisions were made

  • presentation towards C-level or other stakeholders is easier to do

  • you have a bigger chance for succes

Every element in the new design has a - science based - reason to be there:

KLM case use of behavior design techniques
benedict decoster liantis.jpg

"The research experience was inspiring, energizing, and motivating.

It was inspiring because it was both strategic and tangible, sparking so many ideas in our minds. This enthusiasm energized us, and we feel motivated because Kaat and her team translated the challenges into opportunities."

Benedict Decoster– Customer Engagement Manager @ Liantis

Sarah Van de Velde - Deceuninck.jpg

"Many marketers walk with blinders on. It often creeps in over the years. HumanEyes made sure we took those off, they made sure we now also know how customers think and how they look for products. Something we were just guessing before."

Sarah Van De Velde – Marketing Specialist Europe @ Deceuninck​​

All embedded in 1 clear process, that fits your team

Our process follows basic principles of design thinking, agile working,... 

As we operate in iterative sprints during the design phase, our methodology harmonizes seamlessly with the pace and approach commonly adopted by most teams.

proces strategy discovery design copywriting validation - HumanEyes
Lotte Semal AVA.jpg

“In retrospect HumanEyes also thought us how to work together as a team. Thanks to their behavior design method, there is a much better dynamic and we started working more efficient on a specific scope.”

Lotte Semal - Grafic Designer @ AVA

While we co-create, you will learn what we know

You are the experts in your business, we are in human-centric design.

That's why we love to co-create.

After this, you will

  • have a tangible result, like a new webflow, communications or app.

  • have learned a process and science you can use for all the projects that will follow

Gauthier Vervaeke _ Club Brugge.jpg

"Besides getting the wireframes for our new webshop, we have learned the scientific techniques and can now apply them to all other communications."

Gauthier Vervaeke – E-commerce manager @ Club Brugge

“I found the philosophy of co-creating very interesting.  This way you don’t get the typical briefing thrown over the wall and a while later a design thrown back. Collaboration is key.”​

Michael Renier - ​

Digital Customer Service Manager - bpost​

Joris Verjans - Van Oirschot.jpg

“They manage a healthy mix of listening and sharing their expertise.​

It wasn’t a one-sided story, where they only relied on their knowhow. They were open to our internal expertise and market knowledge without losing their critical mind.

According to me, it is this balance that makes it possible for them to work on very diverse sectors and easily switch context. “​

Joris Verjans - Head of Marketing & B2B webshop – Van Oirschot​

benedict decoster liantis.jpg

"What truly made Kaat's involvement exceptional was her combination of expertise and approach.


Her ability to consistently refer back to her research when explaining design decisions, her understanding of our business, and her capacity to effectively apply stakeholder management were invaluable.


We trusted her immediately, in part due to the authority and insight with which she led our workshops. She has set a standard that will be challenging to match. Kaat's contribution to our project is truly something to cherish.”​

Benedict Decoster– Customer Engagement Manager @ Liantis

The result: a bigger chance for success

By basing everything from start to finish on insights from research and science, you'll soon have a solution where 'gut feeling' no longer prevails in discussions.


You'll know exactly what you're doing and be able to explain why.


This way, teams are more aligned and you have a better chance of success together.

You will save time and money

"For every dollar spent to resolve a problem during product design, $10 would be spent on the same problem during development, and multiply to $100 or more if the problem had to be solved after the product's release."

- Robert Pressman, Software Engineer

Robert Pressman.jpeg

“We ended up with conversion increases of 24% to 38%. That's worth a lot of money. Best of all: more sticks than just the screens. Everyone on the team is much smarter now than before.“​

Michael Renier -​ Digital Customer Service Manager @ bpost​

benedict decoster liantis.jpg

"The search page is now live and feedback has been positive. Users report that it is much easier and more intuitive. Even more, one user said he was happy with a "new feature" even though it had been there for a long time but was apparently not findable. That’s really proof of your good work!​"

Benedict Decoster– Customer Engagement Manager @ Liantis

Some of our cases:

Thanks to our collaboration with HumanEyes, we got the internal team on board from the start. This was really valuable as they are often the most critical.

Now everyone in the team is on board and understands the why behind all decisions. We have no discussion afterwards!
The outcome is now carried not only by the e-com team, but the entire business team! I would recommend that to anyone.

Gauthier Vervaeke – E-commerce manager

Club Brugge

Now we have a more convincing flow and work better together, so you automatically get better results.

Sofia Michili - Service Designer UX & Product Management Instructor


Your communication is incredibly smooth, and the availability and commitment to following through with appointments is simply outstanding. For us, that's worth its weight in gold.

The pricing is just as agreed upon, in short, it's honest! Honest feedback and clear explanations about why we are doing something create a lot of support and buy-in."

Benedict Decoster - Customer Engagement Manager 


Oh no! No time or budget for a complete project?

With our expert review, we'll bring you maximum results in a short period of time!


What is an expert review? 

We'll analyse a journey (web, app, communications,...) and give advice on how you can make optimizations to boost desired behavior. Based on science and psychology! 

What you'll get

A quick solution. Our expert reviews can be delivered within 2 weeks.

Clear argumentation on why you should make certain changes.

Renewed confidence in your webpage, thanks to science.

This is what an expert review looks like:

Elien Van den Steen - HumanEyes

Name your challenge 
Let's find a solution together

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